The most used Word in the World


The most used word in the world is apparently Ok,

How is that possible with all the fear, uncertainty and fray?

Linus Nylund

Fear of the future and/or attachment to the past,

Fear of not being good enough or to be last or an outcast

Subconsciously sabotaging many change strategies,

Which leads to all kinds of perceived catastrophes

It takes our attention away from the present moment

So we cannot access the gracious bestowment

Of infinite possibilities in our wondrous universe,

Which is a blessing and not a curse!

All waiting to manifest through us,

But we are tied in all sorts of knots and all the fuss

That change interventions create,

Not realizing what we ask for is not so innate

Growth, transition, shifts and movement is natural to the soul,

It understands the place of that in the larger whole

It is impossible to ask the soul to change,

You want it to become something different, which will only estrange

What you in fact are asking for,

Is presence, awareness, alertness, connectedness and valour

Movement inspired from the inside out,

Which not only emote and elevate, but diminish any doubt

From such a state you choose something completely new,

You use your creative abilities to co-create, embody and express a new reality and view

Whether new ways to be present and to show up and behave,

Or new ways to respond, relate, make, create or do, thus a new wave

The magic lies in the word ‘new’ my friend

You are not changing anything in the end

Moreover, you speak to people’s minds and judging parts,

and do not touch their souls and beautiful hearts

Their hearts are wise beyond any circumstance

Whereas the mind will ask for a war dance

The mind does not like change at all,

So it will create all sorts of obstacles and walls

We are not speaking about the human higher mind,

Who knows exactly what is best for human kind?

It is what we refer to as the wounded parts,

Acting out and creating fear that is off the charts

The higher mind gives us access to universal wisdom and insights,

Which will uplift humanity to new heights

Our intuition, imagination and creativity are our keys,

To co-create a new reality where everyone is abundant, at ease and at peace

We need to become more aware of the vocabulary we use,

As all words carry meaning and a very specific energy, which is quite profuse

The word change creates fear, which is in vain,

As it speaks to the reptilian and limbic brain

These parts of our brains will reject any information, (no matter the purity or maturity)

That potentially will impact our safety and security

Which is simply the new, unfamiliar and unexplored,

And limiting frames of reference, so it is not easy to on-board

New suggestions and possibilities are perceived as a risk,

And not seen as an opportunity for improved circumstances that can be realized in a whisk!

Our neo-cortex and frontal lobe of our brain give us access,

To both our consciousness and creativity, full of freshness and finesse!

We speak to these parts through our hearts,

The beauty in life, creativity and the arts

We will not reach it when we share doomsday stories, threats, fear and duty,

As it only responds to energies of the highest vibration, which is possibility, love, joy and beauty!

If all was well my dear friend,

we would not need any change, and be totally content.

Let’s start by being more aware what words we use,

As these are no longer an excuse!

Avoid the trap — Change a fear Strategy

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