Ride the Wave — From Profit and Loss to Flow and Flourishing

Gateway to the Possible Podcast on Spotify and Google Podcasts

What we are able to imagine is possible…

Why is a ‘profit and loss’ mindset no longer viable?

Flow and Flourishing

How can we make rain so all can flourish?

Spirals of Manifestation

Why is harnessing and riding emerging waves so powerful?

Nourishment for Life

How can we create such a bridge?

How can we expand our belief and mindsets relating to profit and loss, and fears about not having enough?

Opportunity meets Science

Surprise Bonus

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Ready to follow and track the flow of abundance and prosperity in your business and organization?



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Hannelie Sensemaker Wor(l)dPainter Venucia

Hannelie Sensemaker Wor(l)dPainter Venucia


Hannelie loves to bring joy and to create and share enriching and expansive experiences and perspectives that remind us of our greatness, potential and genius.