Plugged in — From ER(Emergency Response) to AC/DC (Flow)


Warm greetings to you all,

We are delighted to be on this call!

Yes, we are your future generations,

Representing all nations!

We are your elders from your future in waiting,

Yet, you won’t need any translating.

The intention is not to blame or shame,

Rather to reflect and redirect your aim!

We will share a few observations,

About your current position and frustrations!

These are shared in loving care and hindsight,

Which is your current insight, right?

Much of what you experience right now won’t last.

like wars, which are rooted in fear of the future and attachments to the past,

hitherto, the future is in the making and the past no longer, and had its place,

In the cumulative story of the human race!

Now it is time to look ahead and move on,

let us be your companions and liaison,

during the current situation and impasse,

starting by letting go and turning the hourglass!

Yes, take time to heal the ouch,

by getting up from the old couch!

make luck by turning your scars into stars,

the ‘how to’ is accessible HERE on Spotify, no need to escape to Mars!

There is a liminal space between wounding and healing,

which is quite creative, appealing and revealing,

where together we will engage our imaginations,

so you can get plugged into a powerful timeline and new destinations!

Here we go…

We will begin by referring to humanity, in the third decade of 21st century, in the third person, thus ‘ they’, and when engaging with you directly in the second person, thus ‘you’, and you are welcome to end in the first person with an intention that resonates on all levels…

It happened before…

We often ponder what went through humanity’s awareness when they discovered language and the skill of writing. Imagine the surprise. And surely there have been plenty nay-sayers, sceptics, cynics, and laggards, too afraid to embrace this upgrade in human technology. The fact that humanity was able to make this shift and expansion in consciousness should provide some faith and trust in what is possible in your present moment. We can say with much delight that ‘we’, as in you and us, have ‘graduated’ with flying colors. Yes, even with all the turmoil, dissonance, and trauma.

Hence, we share our observations with you in anticipation, as humanity is not destined for frustration, devastation, or trepidation.

The future is uncertain…but this uncertainty is at the very heart of human creativity. Ilya Prigogine

We find the ‘current’ human species fascinating. (Kindly make a mental note of the concept ‘current’, as it will unfold in a powerful way later in our observation. Thank you.) If only they take a deeper look at the concept ‘uncertainty’. It tells it all, namely that whatever was certain, is now outdated. There is no need to fear anything, and like this wise human shared, it catalyzes incredible creativity.

Yet, instead of exploring the vast creative intelligence available in such situations, you perceive quite the opposite. Does this sound familiar? It is truly sad to hear these stories. Cut, cut, cut! Cut people, cut budgets, and cut costs. Close down. Downsize. Chaos. Crisis. Close-minded ness. Closed-loop systems. Cancel culture. The delete button is pressed and not the shift button.

Isn’t the shift button on your devices and equipment there to engage capital letters or symbols not often used? Thus not making less, but showing up even bigger and stronger, larger than the life lived until that moment?

This ‘making less’ behavior sadly emerges in other ways too. Humanity is not as sophisticated and progressive in their thinking as they believe to be. In order to stop wars. going into fear- and panic-based defensive mode by increasing military budgets and dispatching higher caliber arms does not diffuse conflict or tensions, neither provide solutions. It misdirects precious resources that can be applied to resolving many of humanity’s numerous dilemmas. Imposing sanctions does not change behavior either, as is not sustainable, and affects all of humanity. To think that it’s a one way action is an illusion.

Furthermore, humanity does not seem to learn from the past. Ask those in countries where sanctions were imposed, and you will quickly see it only brought temporary relief. Deep seated wounds on both sides have not healed and fester with this illusion that it transformed unwanted behavior.

Power struggles are a distraction that keeps you facing backwards, which depletes your true personal power and takes you out of the natural flow with life. Thus you play into the hands of those instigating wars, as their key purpose is to disempower. Your attention held captive, you are not able to access other possibilities or to respond in an empowered way.

Imposing states of emergency, disaster management, and emergency management is counterintuitive and blind sighted. These plans and actions still keep you in the past, in events already gone by. It is as if you live backwards, chained and tied to what has been.

What else is then possible?

From our perspective in the future, it is wise to turn things upside and back to front. Look carefully at the concept WAR. These and power struggles do not only happen in the trenches, they happen in all walks of life, namely inside individuals, in the office, on social media, in the home, and in society at large. We perceive wars as a state of high potential energy, wound up, stuck in the mud, turned on itself, hooked to and entangled in the past.

Cumulatively there is simply too much to contain, or it loses its grip, or is terrified it will loose control and that there will not be enough, hence it overreacts and becomes combative. It is begging to be released and redirected. This RAW energy has so much creative power and positive impact when accessed from a state of possibility, and not one from fear, scarcity, or lack.

Going into the role of a punishing parent, is reactive too and unconsciously contributes to the this RAW energy not being harnessed and released into the collective. Imagine a volcano being prevented to release lava and volcanic ash? It is exactly what your leaders do, without realizing the long term impact and effect.

Yet, no need to feel ashamed, as we can all learn. It is not about being proactive, rather being totally present in the present moment to whatever is emerging, continuously tracking the natural flow of events and energy, and being aware of and considering the full spectrum when making transformative decisions. Thus being aware of how everything is interconnected, interrelated, interdependent, interweaving, and intersecting so we can have a longer view of the full extend and multidimensional impact of each thought, emotion, feeling, response, decision, action, and interaction.

Some in your timeline refers to it as interbeing. Observing from the future, that is where your wisdom lies, in the ‘being’ part of human being.

‘A fool with a tool is still a fool.’ Norman O Brown

We had to smile when we became aware of this quote. There is something happening here in the 21st century that amazes us, namely all your technological advances and how it relate to human belief and behavior, and our collective future.

You are immerged in continuous innovations that humanity accept without questioning. Upgrades, updates, format disk, bug fixing, memory full, delete files, change passwords, api’s, code, interfaces, interoperability, templates, UAT, beta testing, system restored, backups, redundancy, load balancing, new features, replace, unsupported, discontinued, outdated, and the likes.

We find it captivating that humans harness the latest technology improvements, developments, and advances to stay relevant and current with much excitement. Being plugged in, access to a power source and connectivity, and being able to charge devices and equipment, seems like a high priority. Power outages and slow or lack of connectivity are deal breakers.

Paradoxically, bugs and flaws are tolerated, even if it creates temporary frustration and irritation. Humanity wants to be plugged in. Period. And they will be patient and do whatever is needed to bring them back online in this technological landscape of tablets, smart phones, computers, adapters, software, hardware, operating systems, applications, mobile apps, motherboards, networks, WIFI, the internet, technology infrastructure, architecture, blueprints, programming, servers, the cloud, security, data recovery, data management, platforms, power banks, ups, big data, AI, AR, VR, Metaverse, social media, hackers, and so on.

A new dawn, upgrade and renew

Don’t be a fool with a tool, as that is not cool. The human is at the center of humanity’s story. How is it that ‘upgrades and updates’ in the human condition is not seen as necessary and important to stay relevant? Outdated patterns continue and chain humans to the past. Flaws and failures are frowned upon. Not much attention, time, space, nor resources are provided to upgrade and update human technology and software. Technology and Science innovations are not on par with human or organizational development.

Consider for a moment what would be possible if humanity embraces formatting the psyche, clearing the windows of perception, upgrading mental software, signing into a new timeline, testing (experimenting with) new ways, connecting to a new power source, recharging vitality (batteries), renewing internal source code, reprogramming beliefs, fixing behavior, updating mindsets, deleting (clearing) emotional baggage, improve abilities (functionality), embracing new features (new ways of being), and the likes in the same way they do with technology? Imagine you upgrade to the next version? Imagine your organization/business upgrade to the next level?

Imagine what would be possible if humanity and your businesses are plugged into life and not reacting with emergency and panic-based responses? When signed into a new program? When clearing (deleting) outdated mindsets? When recharging their human and organizational ‘instruments and equipment’? When connecting to their true personal power and life-force energy? We can vouch for the potentiality awaiting to harnessed in this regard. Yet, what is needed for this to happen?

Switch on the lights — AC/DC

That might sound obvious when in the dark. Yet, are you not in the dark relating to current events? Yes, there is that word again, ‘current’. What is really going on? What current is busy emerging? Are you finding yourself in a whirlpool, rapid, or flowing waters? Are you attached to an old current and waters that have passed? A wise one who came before you, Leonardo da Vinci, who was very creative, inventive, and forever curious, guided that in rivers, the water that you touch is the last of what has passed and the first of that which is to come: so the present time. It is thus impossible to step into the same water twice.

There is no need to swim upstream, as most rivers flow toward the ocean from their origins, where they contribute to and become part a bigger body of water. Simply follow the flow!

Flow is not only found in the water element. Flow is most natural to being human. Your breath floods your entire physical body with oxygen. Your blood flows through your veins. Your ability to move and to think fluidly is all about flow. Being attuned to and totally connected to life, you are in flow!

The flow of energy is vital to track when you want to shift from ER (Emergency Responses and Crisis Management) to AC/DC, as in an electric charge and flow. To switch on the lights, we would love to expand on the phenomenon of electricity and energy resources. Aren’t your leaders fighting to control and secure energy, food, and water resources? If only humanity have the courage to take a deep dive, they would realize that individual personal, primal power and energy is at the core of what is busy emerging and unfolding on your timeline, and why there are such irrational behaviors and an imbalance. Things are not what they seem to be on the surface. There are powerful undercurrents at play that are not as disturbing as you may perceive.

Being plugged in

You will discover in the next few decades that you have all the abilities and functionality that technology provides to you, within you. A proverbial light switch will go on, thus like those humans who discovered language and writing. Thinking this is far-fetched? Not at all. Whatever you invent, discover, and imagine is part of your human technology and inborn abilities.

Hence, our invitation to be plugged in does not refer to your insatiable need to be connected, online, and plugged into technology and communications as you currently know it. Rather it is about being consciously plugged into the life-force that runs within, through, around, and from you. The same life-force and energy that the entire universe is made of. It is unlimited!

Electric charge is one of the basic forces of nature that hold the universe together. Positive and negative charges are irresistibly attracted to each other. Thus, the attraction of negatively-charged electrons to positively-charged protons, hold atoms together. When they find each other, something almost magical happens… a spark, power, and energy flows…When you turn on a light switch, electric current flows from the switch through the wire to the light, and the room is instantly illuminated.

ACDC refers to electric current flowing in a circuit. The electric charge only flows in one direction in direct current (DC). Electric charge in alternating current (AC) on the other hand, changes direction periodically.

We notice, as many of you may do, that flow of energy in one direction causes dissonance, imbalance, inequality, and instability in your world and current timeline. Energy is thus not equally distributed and directed, hence so many dilemmas in your world. Take care of what and where you put your attention and what you talk about. Energy flows where attention goes.

Alternative current is thus desperately needed. Yet, where to start and what to do?

Disconnect from the drama and trauma, and refuse to respond to power games. Focus on the reality that you want to co-create and bring into being. Most of all, come back to the human. Come back to your core stability, which is your inborn human technology, your source code, as in your energy and life-force! You don’t even need an upgrade for this! It is ever present, yet you may feel disconnected from it and not plugged in.

Deeper understanding and awareness of your personal power, energy, and life-force is key to be able to experience flow in your life and to respond to external events in a prepared and empowered way. (The same applies to your community, business, and organization). The core ingredients of your life-force is energy, consciousness, awareness, intelligence, and wisdom.

How do you know you are in flow in your asynchronous, diverse, hybrid digital world? Feeling energized, relaxed, present, connected, nourished, stimulated, enthusiastic, focused, fulfilled, inspired, and experiencing resonant, symbiotic, aligned, synchronized, coherent, and wholesome interaction and actions, are some of the signs.

Conversely, your current is not flowing, disrupted, disconnected, blocked, stuck, toxic, misaligned, and incoherent when you find yourself in lack-, scarcity-, and victim consciousness, and focusing on what is not working, what you don’t have, what is wrong, and what you can’t explain. Feeling stressed, exhausted, depleted, drained, fatigued, lethargic, fragmented, scattered, hopeless, purposeless, regretful, resentful, uncertain, overwhelmed, worried, doubtful, confused, fearful, disdain, despair, blaming, complaining, shaming, judgment, and reactive behavior such as outbursts and overreaction, are signs that you are out of flow.

How often do you take time to refuel, and to service yourself, to ensure you are in thriving condition? It is wise to regularly check-in on your state of being and to refuel. You tap into your self-regulating intelligence to re-adjust where needed. This is not new to you. You do it for your vehicles, planes, equipment, and appliances. Why not for yourself? The same applies to on a relational, societal, business, and organizational level.

There is no need to go into a space of feeling ashamed, embarrassed, rejected, self-loathing, self-criticism, denial, defensiveness, combativeness, or avoidance. It is an opportunity to review, renew, upgrade, rejuvenate, refuel, reenergize, realign, reposition, redirect, and repurpose.

Connecting intentionally with your core stability catapult you back into flow. Essential Inquiry is invaluable in this process. Remove yourself from the trauma and drama. Go into a space of stillness in which ever way you resonate with. Relax and focus your attention on the breath. Then ask some of these questions. Take time to listen in. Your body knows. Your heart knows. Your soul knows.

What lights you up, energizes, and excites you?

What gives you a sense of meaning, purpose, and fulfilment?

How can you direct your RAW creative energy to come back into or to create flow?

Use the power of your imagination and intuition to practically apply and experiment with the insights emerging during this process. Trust your insights. Trust the process. Trust your ability to reconnect to life and to come back into flow.

In the Gateway to the Possible Podcast Episode 6, Making Luck — Turn your Scars into Stars, available on Spotify here, you will have a first-hand experience to connect to and experience your life-force in a variety of ways.

Our wisdom from the future is:

  1. Let go of the past — there is enough for everyone
  2. Embrace the present moment — it is filled with infinite possibilities

3. Shift from reactive, victim- and scarcity consciousness (emergency) to responsive possibility- and abundance consciousness (emergence)

4. Transcend WAR by tapping into the RAW creative energy available in the moment

5. Don’t cut. Create!

6. Check-in rather than overreact!

7. Stay connected to your core stability, and plugged into flow and your true power source (life-force energy)

8. Upgrade and update your human technology and software often

9. Exercise your adaptive intelligence muscles

10 ‘Being’ is more important than ‘doing’ in your current situation.

The unfoldment and assimilation of the threads of our discovery brings us to the evolution in human personal power, which has nothing to do with abuse of power, or having power over others, or fighting over natural and energy resources. These are all rooted in a fear of not having enough or not being good enough.

From our perspective, power is humanity’s ability to upgrade and upgrade the internal human technology and software, to be adaptive, to embrace emerging patterns and new ways of being, and to stay plugged into and in flow with life regardless of external circumstances. And yes, it asks from humans to live simultaneously in opposites, which can be confusing and troublesome. Yet, it does not need to be turbulent if they move outwards into the world from their core stability and true power source, namely their life-force energy, both personal, relational, societal, organizational and collectively.

Life Restored — A true story

On that note, we would like to share a true story of what is possible when humans are plugged in, no matter the circumstances. A freak accident resulted in 2nd degree burns on the face, neck, and arms. Such wounds to the face horrify most people. The attending medical personnel at ER, in shock, tried to console the lady by proposing that plastic surgery and scar management is possible in the future. Yet, that was not necessary. Demonstrating what is possible when you do not go into fear, when being aware and taking the right steps in traumatic situations, together with refusing to go into victim mode, taking self-responsibility, focusing on what is strong, engaging a holistic approach inclusive of nutrition, asking for help when needed, receiving much nurturing and nourishing, ample rest, staying in flow and connected with your life-force and in a calm, relaxed, and trusting state of being, continuing creative and spiritual daily practices, and maintaining an upbeat attitude, a miracle renewal (healing) ensued. Astonishing the medical fraternity, the renewal time unprecedented, and no pain, infection, or fever were experienced after the incident, and thus no need for medication to prevent it. And the cherry on the cake is no scars on face! She shares that everything changed the moment she took self-responsibility.

This story emphasizes the importance of your state of being, attitude, and of being in flow with your life-force. Remember you have a choice on how you perceive, approach, and respond to any situation. The biggest gift you can give to humanity and your world is to stay plugged into life, to presence and embody your life-force energy, and to refuse to go into victim- and scarcity mode, or a state of emergency. Be present to what is busy emerging and tap into and purposefully direct that RAW creative energy available during turbulent times.

It is our understanding that there are assistance and guidance available to assist you to stay in flow, to tap into this RAW energy, to experience your personal power, to upgrade your human and business technology, to discover the life-force of your business/organization, and to turn things upside down. It will be accessible in the comments section below.

A message from the future…

You have enough energy on a personal level to light up a whole city…xoxoxo…you made us proud…



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Hannelie loves to bring joy and to create and share enriching and expansive experiences and perspectives that remind us of our greatness, potential and genius.