Double Up! Expand Impact — Turning DEI on its head!

No players, no game!

‘Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right-doing is a field. I will meet you there.’ Rumi

Life is not black and white

Who in the world are you?

How real can it get? How can it get any better than this?

Flow, the business of Luck!

Half and Half

Double Up! Expand! Impact!

The incredible potential hidden in diversity

How is coherence possible in such volatile conditions?

  1. It is the integration of diverse elements, relationships, or values
  2. Forming a unified whole
  3. Having clarity, or intelligibility
  4. Having the quality of holding together

When the going gets tough!

On a personal level

On a professional and organizational level



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Hannelie Sensemaker Wor(l)dPainter Venucia

Hannelie Sensemaker Wor(l)dPainter Venucia


Hannelie loves to bring joy and to create and share enriching and expansive experiences and perspectives that remind us of our greatness, potential and genius.