Back to Basics — Come to your Senses!


Get ready Lucky Duck! It is your lucky day!

Why? We ducks discovered something rather mesmerizing and would like to share that with you. You could call it good neighborship, interspecies relations and compassion, as we share the same planet and ecosystem. We need to remind each other to come to our senses when we are in trouble and when we do not-so-wise things. You are indeed an interesting species. Allow us to share our observations from a bird’s eye view, which might transform your lives😊 So let’s see how that goes!

Like water of a ducks back…

Before we continue, as always, take the good and leave the rest. Just know we share our in-sights in loving kindness, and with a twinkle in our eyes. It is apparently a great gift to be able to find humor in our situations, even if it might seem dire!

With that being said, here we go! Unlike you humans, we arrive in the world knowing what to do and how to do it. Is that not fascinating? We are born high in the hollow of a tree, perhaps the tree of life😊 Our mothers bring us food diligently… Then one day, without any warning, they sat at the bottom of the tree and beckoned us to join them. They didn’t show, or teach us how to jump, or fly. We courageously peered out of the tree, and after some contemplation, one by one, we ducklings boldly jumped from the safety of the hollow to the ground below. And as soon as we all did this, our mums led us to the stream in a joyous fashion. They intuitively trusted our inherent abilities.

Then, knowing just what to do, we fearlessly jumped into the water. We started to paddle our little feet and away we went, gliding on the currents in the water; in our element so to speak. You see, we are comfortable and capable in the air, in water, and on the ground. What is more, add to that our fiery spirits, and you will notice we have it together, more than some of you humans can say. Let’s rather not get into a debate about that. Not yet anyway😊 This is not a competition after all.

And that was not it. The moment we were in the water the first time, we knew how to fish. We dipped our heads in the water and began to fish for ourselves, completely self-reliant. We knew we needed to stay together and with our parents, so predators could not target us. Other species say this is a stellar example of being prepared and that those who are prepared reap the benefits. This is nothing new, as one of your philosophers, Socrates, believed it too. Preparation meets opportunity! Yes, that simple…

Ruffle some feathers

Feathers are to us like facial and personal expressions are to you human beings. It is our pride, so please don’t take our inquisitiveness too serious, or as an indication of disrespect. Rather, may it strike a playful chord that help humanity sing a new tune.

We are indeed curious why humans don’t know what to do when you arrive in this world. How is that even possible, as you perceive yourself to be at the top of the food chain? Or have you simply been domesticated and have forgotten about your inherent genius and sensibilities?

Forever curious, we have many questions. Why is it that you glorify and romanticize trauma, chaos, and drama? Why is it that you focus on what is wrong, no longer working, or on what you don’t have? Why is it that you continue endless feedback loops of suffering and struggling when you are so smart and sophisticated? Etcetera, etcetera…Regardless, there is much good news!

You are indeed lucky duckies. Why?

The end of a tough cycle is approaching. Not many of your predecessors can say that they wore this t-shirt and have gone all the way! It is a true gift to be alive right now. How amazing that your souls signed up for these experiences that sometimes do not even make sense? And yes, shaken up and stirred, the third decade of the 21st century will most definitely have a special place in the annals and your ‘his-, her-, and they-stories’. Remembered for its life-transforming contribution to a change of course and direction, life will never be the same again, even though many of your species try to hold onto the past and what is perceived to be ‘normal’. Repeating outdated patterns, they live life looking backwards. Hitherto, your body knows. Are your feet not facing forward? Wink, wink…

We had the opportunity to share how we arrive in the world, and now it’s your turn. We completely agree that human birthing can be perceived as messy and painful. Yet, from our understanding, it is easily forgotten once the little one is born, and when you hold them in your arms. Your lives are transformed in ways that we ducks will never understand. Besides, this not only relates to human birth, as it also refers to birthing of new projects, innovations, ideas, and human innovations, such as attitudes, mindsets, outlooks, beliefs, and new ways of being, thinking, feeling, sensing, behaving, relating, engaging, imagining, intuiting, creating, sharing, and exchanging.

Back to basics

Birth brings us back to basics. And in your case, to the wonder of being human. You have been blessed with your senses gifting you the world. Imagine not being able to see, hear, touch, feel, taste, smell, move, breathe, think, know, imagine, and intuit. There will be no experience of life. It will be lifeless, colorless, and dull. We are aware that you mostly use two sense these days, namely sight and auditory.

Is it not fascinating that five of your senses, namely breathing, free movement, taste, smell, and your tactile sense were affected by the pandemic. Eating food became mechanical and not a pleasure when your taste buds and olfactory senses are inhibited. Constricted breathing caused so much fear, panic, and anxiety, and has long term effects on your health. The effect of isolation, and social and physical distancing on human mental and emotional health is something that cannot be ignored. Devout of the ability to touch and hug will impact human relations for many generations to come. Why? It bred fear, distrust, and suspicion that is difficult to overcome. Do you remember the apprehension you experienced when you first engaged in-person encounters after lockdown, isolation, and social distancing regulations were lifted? Most unnatural to human connection, the confusion and sometimes self-judgment, as you felt unsafe and vulnerable is something not to be ashamed of, yet it impacted your trust in life and others. It made no sense; however, it is not something you imagined. It really happened.

Are you not curious about that? This restriction and inhibition of some of your sensory palette? Living in a technologically advanced world, it is as if life wanted to wake you up from a dream state, and to remind you of your humanity, your isness, your beingness. Is there a risk to fall in love with life and to experience it in all its glory, full spectrum and all is facets through the pleasure of your splendid sensibilities? To truly live and not just exist? You can’t walk with only one leg, so why exclude some of your magic?

Shall we do a quick check-in? How does this make you feel? ‘… the love affair with life, is to love (and live) as variously as possible, to groom one’s curiosity like a high-spirited thoroughbred, climb aboard, and gallop over the thick, sun-struck hills every day. Where there is no risk, the emotional terrain is flat and unyielding, and despite all its dimensions, valleys, pinnacles, and detours, life will seem to have none of its magnificent geography, only a length. Diane Ackerman

It truly delights us. We will come back to that horse.

Let’s talk some Sense — no more No-sense

From our perspective, it seems that this was a turning point for the human experience. That your perceived cleverness is not serving all life on this beautiful plane and might be detrimental to leave a legacy behind for future generations. One of your wise ones, Lin Yutang, believed that any civilization can be called complete until it has progressed from sophistication to unsophistication, and made a conscious return to simplicity of thinking and living.

Perhaps you took a detour, or have gone of course? Not to worry, we meander a lot too. Was this not a reminder to return and come to your senses and your inborn genius? That you need to be tuned into the life again? Like a guitar’s strings and a piano need to be tuned in often to create coherent melodies and harmonic sounds?

Have you considered that you had to be brought to a stillstand into a state of being after much busyness and doing? To take a step back and to slow down so you can soar again. To review, rethink, renew, regroup, and realign yourselves to life-affirming and life-expanding approaches? To take a pause to contemplate on your own state of being and imprint on life, how humans treat each other (which was clear from all the social injustices, human atrocities, and inequalities emerging the past few years, especially during the pandemic,) social changing patterns evident from unimaginable voluntary unemployment, and inhumane treatment because not enough people to do the work, not only due to illness, yet also due to the great resignation, geopolitical unrest, migration, global warming and climate change, financial slow down, reputable businesses closing down, and entire industries collapsing?

Sitting Duck

No need to set yourself up for the proverbial next kill. There is no need to be a sitting duck like you were early 2020, and to be unprepared for upheaval, uncertainty, havoc, rapid change, the unexpected, and disruptions. You have what it takes to respond to such events in an aware, empowered, interconnected, sensible, and prepared way.

Duck and Dive

Neither is there a need to duck your numerous dilemmas that you face as a species, or to be ignorant or indifferent. You are not helpless or hopeless. Likewise, it is time to let go of being superficial surface dwellers, and to dive deep. Besides your sensibility to read the undercurrents, there is another world and many treasures to be discovered beneath the surface. You will be surprised what you will be able to perceive when you apply your energetic senses and your extra-sensory awareness. This is unexplored territory for you and will transform your experiences, perspectives and mindsets.

Come to your Senses

Your sensibilities are like paint. It makes things beautiful when you spread it…yet, it will dry up if you don’t use it. Can you afford to let your luscious sensory palette dry up?

The beauty of your senses is that it is completely free and a gift from life. You don’t need to earn, work, or pay for it. How amazing is that? There is always an abundant, infinite supply, available to everyone. You simply tune into and engage it through a direct, personal experience. You can’t learn about your sensibilities from others, as it is inherent and true to you. Neither does it need any permission, approval, or validation from others. It is precious and priceless. A simple smile, or a sense of appreciation can uplift someone and transform their day.

Allow your senses to charm you through the art of invisible influence. The invitation is to step out of your busy mind, release your grip on the rational, break free from your intellect (it will come in useful later), invite in a sense of curiosity, fearlessness, and playfulness, see through wonder’s eyes, and reignite all your senses. You are familiar with this -most natural to you- as a child you operated in this way. You have no-thing to lose. Besides, it gives much joy!

Your species, like us, thrive when you are in your natural state of being, a flow state. We love flow as that is where life is not obstructed. Here all is possible. Being at ease, with little tension, naturalness is visible in your presence, and how you show up in the world. It is both magnetic and attractive.

Normal is relative and a mental construct. It will keep you hostage in what has fallen out of sync. Infantile dependency and regression can be the result. Your senses keep your awareness receptive in the present moment and aligned with what is busy emerging and unfolding in the world. Hence, you are always able to stay relevant AND stimulated, as your sense of curiosity venture outwards to explore other possibilities and your creative sense going into ‘making’ mode. There is thus this glorious interplay between receptivity and creativity, the sweet essence of Sensemaking. You awaken your inner artist, and your under-the-covers innovator and inventor comes out to play. And intermittently, your integrative senses weave it all together with much joy.

Common Sense

Although you perceive the world through your senses, it is your psychological and perceptual lenses, conditioning, wounded aspects, and personal life-experiences that determine how you show up, and approach, engage, and participate in life.

You may wonder how coming to your senses will help you go beyond these biases, limiting frames of reference, tainted lenses, prejudices, stereotyping, labels, functions, roles, and differences that continue to create polarities, hierarchies, supremacy, victimhood, misunderstandings, and dissonance.

The beauty is that you share the same sensibilities, regardless of your language, culture, position, status, education, wealth, religion, preferences, orientation, race, gender, age, background, generation, unintegrated psychological materials, conditioning, and propaganda.

These shared senses are non-invasive, and there is no need for explanation, validation, justification, protection, or defence. Plenty for all, it is an infinite source of wisdom and energy, available to your entire species.

In this flow zone you are able to freely tap into the collective intelligence and wisdom, deeply connect with others, and from here you can co-create an incredible new reality where all can thrive, without exception, humanity, our magnificent planet, and all other living creatures and organisms. This is when you enter the making part of Sensemaking, where you engage your creative senses, creative intelligence, creative and critical thinking, and many of your other senses. This is the wondrous experiential and impact landscape where the conceptual and experiential come together like flowers and bees to share much beauty, tantalize your senses, make extraordinary honey, cross-pollinate, and continue life in a sensible way.

Makes Perfect Sense

Considering your current world conditions, it makes perfect sense to start using the sense that you neglected, denied, or were unaware of. The reward is that you will see the world with completely fresh eyes (Barbara Sher). Your outlook on life will surprise you.

You are conditioned to believe you only perceive the finite. Anything in-finite is viewed as supernatural since you cannot explain, label, or classify such experiences. Hence you resist and fear a huge part of being human. You access the in-finite by going within. It is indeed a super-power, which your inner, psychic, and energetic senses give you access to. There is nothing to fear, the concept natural says it all. And super means it is exponentially more powerful than any logic, or reason.

Cheer up! It is never too late to come to your senses. The magic is that they work under-the-covers in mysterious ways. They weave and ripple outwards in a majestic fashion into all directions. The impact is thus instantaneous and without much effort. Yes, like a ripple in a pond reverberating out into the world and engaging the butterfly effect (see it is all scientifically proven). This is where your collective senses come into play. It gives the ability to rise above the fray, face the facts and live beyond them (DH Lawrence), thus have dominion over situations and circumstances, and contribute your genius, attention and energy to what matters most to you.

This is how you shift from a linear, reductionist, disconnected, silo, needs, duality-based, either/or life view and outlook, to a bi-lateral, multidimensional, holographic, wholeness, whole-system, possibility, both/and life experience and outlook. This changes everything to you. Imagine your senses flowing outwards like ripples in a pond, touching and impacting everything, and you simply need to be present and aware of the type of contribution you want to make to life and the world. See it go outwards in the most beautiful patterns.

Horse Sense

There are so many reasons why it is wise to come back to your senses. We will graciously remind you of a few. Horse sense, yes the ability to make good judgments or decisions, is vital in your current circumstances. Have you not witnessed panic-based, misinformed, half-informed, fragmented, self-serving, and fear-, lack-, and scarcity-based decisions during the past 3 years?

Discernment is key to your overall wellbeing and an ability that will serve you well in the years to come. With an overload of information, digitalization, so many voices, opinions, false news, constant calls for your attention, distractions, and numerous options, life might seem confusing, complex, chaotic, and cumbersome. You are constantly receiving and taking in information from the environment, some subtle and others intense, without being aware of most of it. You are a proverbial antennae, interpreter, translator, transmitter, and tuning fork impacting your environment and the world in every moment. Thus, you are an inherent, ingenious Sensemaker on a cellular level. You can hear more about this in our latest Podcast, Showstopper — Close Encounters of the Magical Kind on Spotify and Google Podcasts, available here and here respectively.

Everything your senses receive is nourishment (Ananda Moyi). A kind reminder that not everyone is rooting for your soul. What you see is not what you get. Yet, you are the master of what you absorb and have wisdom senses ready for this role. Your sensory awareness, conscious sensitivity, foresight, intuition, gut knowledge, inner knowing, instinct, precognition, imagination, and higher mind abilities will assist you to become your own authority, make aware, in-formed, and wise decisions, think creatively and independently, and guide you to where to put your attention. Only you know what is best for you. Take charge of your own life. Energy flows where your attention goes.

Ugly Ducklings

On a personal note. Yes, very personal. 😊There is magic happening when you come to your senses and back to basics. Your sensual self is delighted to express itself with wild abandonment and it is reflected in your presence and energy. No matter what you believe and think about yourself, your talents, and others, you will glow like the full moon, sparkle like the stars in the sky, and emit warmth like the rising sun. You will get noticed! Your soul will be on fire, unstoppable!

And there will be no need to be afraid that you will be replaced by Artificial Intelligence or robotics. It does not have a soul, nor your inherent sensibilities and intelligence. Your sensual self is unrepeatable and cannot be duplicated in any way.

Let’s be Sensible

You use this expression when you do something with wisdom, which is likely to be of benefit. Can you afford not to engage all your sensibilities? Let’s hear what one of your wise ones had to say. According to Anais Nin, when you atrophy (thus waste) one sense you also atrophy all the others, a sensuous and physical connection with nature, with art, with food, with other human beings are lost. What would life be without such experiences? Rather bland?

You also refer to sensible when an object is practical and functional. Coming to your senses and back to basic bring your humanity back into all your intentions, goals, encounters, and activities.

A few personal benefits:

· Life Restored

· Wellbeing on all levels

· Thrivability, calmness, and clarity during duress

· Joy Generation

· Revitalized and refreshed

· Stress reduction

· Focus and flow

· Enthusiasm and delight

· Joyful being and doing

· Meaning and purpose

· And many more

A few professional benefits:

· Joy back into Work and Play

· From Survival to Flourishing

· From Productivity to Creativity and Presence

· From Crisis Management to Intentional Direction

· From Strategy Execution to Alignment Navigation

· From Change Management to Coherence Orchestration

· From Talent retention to Symbiotic Co-Creation

· And many more

We share more below @Ducks in a row


Your senses are a limitless source of energy. Talk about abundance! You have access to at least 16 energetic senses, 360 senses (ala the Egyptians and indigenous people), and at least 42 inherent intelligences.* All ready to be evoked and directed in a meaningful, fulfilling, purposeful, and joyous way through Sensemaking.

Can you believe that Teresa of Avila (1515–1582) explained sensemaking and what happens when you come to your senses, already in the 16th century? How magical? This is ancient wisdom. She said that you will feel your senses gather themselves. They seem like bees which return to the hive and then shut themselves up to work at making the honey; and this will take place without effort or care on your part…At the first call of the will they will come back more and more quickly.

Can you feel the joy in this? Are you not energized and inspired? Bliss is worth creating from. And your senses provides that bliss.

Ducks in a row

Our curious natures also make us go off course sometimes. Like us, you can get your ducks in a row at any given moment, with will, wisdom, and intention(mind), whilst your sensibilities show the way. With your resident and inner Sensemaker, you can easily navigate shifting paradigms, the unexpected, disruptions, and rapid change, much like we navigate air- and water currents. Furthermore, you can harness emerging trends and the opportunities arising from them, just like we dive deep under the surface. And that is not it, with rising above the fray, like we fly, you are able to expand your horizons and perspectives, whilst being the self-leader by setting the tone for the future. In this way you can leave a legacy for future generations.

The beauty is that you don’t need to do this alone. You might have noticed that we lead together. We fly in a V-formation, not only to conserve energy, yet also to share leadership. When the one in front gets tired or is ill, they go to the back and the next one flies in front. There are thus no power struggles, as we leverage swarm intelligence. Coming to your senses and back to basics of being human, namely your isness and beingness, you will begin to ‘fly’ in this way too.

Likewise, when we fly, our wings are wide out, which opens our hearts. Magic happens when you reach your hands outwards in an inviting way, as it also opens your heart, which in turn assists you to make positive meaning of events and prevents you from going into fear and lack. You begin to engage life in a completely new way.

No wonder Penney Peirce says that engaging with the world is a new proposition now. It is not so much about ambition, attracting attention, conquering, or making deals face to face as it is about sensing your way into a shared experience with people, objects, machines, processes, and events.

When the world has ceased to make sense

Kindly allow us to share some of our learnings, as we learn together:

· Like we co-exist in harmony with other creatures and humans, you can co-exist in harmony with those who have other outlooks on life, by coming to your senses

· Instead of just scrolling down, browse life with all your sensibilities

· Give your senses a sensory quest by exploring the beauty in life

· Often take a view from above to see the bigger picture

· Spend quality time in the serenity of Nature, as awakens and heightens your senses

· Slow down to perceive subtle energies and undercurrents

· Ride the winds of change with fearless freedom

· Follow flow of events, don’t get sucked into the details and drama

· Instead of numbing your senses, do something out of character

· Explore the wonders of conscious breathing and toning with your voice

· Move around, free dance, walk, or swim when you feel stuck

· Turn things on its head and question your beliefs

· Remove yourself from mass consciousness when you feel overwhelmed, uncertain, and fearful. Go beyond the ‘normal’ to natural. If you have forgotten what natural is about, invoke your senses, spent time in nature and the natural world, connect to the elements and natural sounds, especially with the warm rays of the sun to remind you of the life-force running through, from, and within you. Take slow, deep breaths. Engage your tactile sense to gently stroke and rub your body in a nourishing way. It will bring your awareness back to your body and heart, which is your vital sign that you are alive!

· Lastly, never forget your sense of humor and remember to play!

Lucky Duck, are you ready to take to the water?

The magic of your sensory palette is that it takes to life as we take to water. It comes naturally and quickly, as it is innate. You will experience much joy! Are you ready to leave the known shore?

*You are welcome to reach out to us at if you are curious about coming to your senses, all your sensibilities, Sensemaking, personal and professional benefits, and coming back to basics.

Thank you for sharing the river of life with us Ducks in this way and for journeying with us in your sensory landscape.

Ps. Do not go where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Pssssst…a kind warning, beware, your sensibilities are highly contagious, more than any virus…

Spoiler alert, spoiler alter, spoiler alert!

We had a sneak preview of your future…

However, we don’t want to spoil the fun or be a deal breaker. So please forgive our excitement and verbal diarrhea, as we simply need to let the cat out of the bag, though not all of it…

There are a couple of new sensibilities and intelligences emerging in the coming years for your species…it is going to be simply astonishing…And we applaud you for sticking it through the tough times…Remember that birthing can be messy, yet also so amazing!



Hannelie Sensemaker Wor(l)dPainter Venucia

Hannelie loves to bring joy and to create and share enriching and expansive experiences and perspectives that remind us of our greatness, potential and genius.