A Grand Symphony — A Merry Motive


Beyond all the noise in our world these days,

Created mostly because of fear and lack,

If we care to slow down and take a step back,

We will notice it is a call to explore new ways!

It invites us to quiet our minds and listen in intensely,

As below the surface is a prolific and creative force,

That assists us to expand and set a new course,

For the wellbeing of all, which matters now immensely.

Our old ways of leadership have expired and are no longer relevant,

We can no longer be indifferent and turn a blind eye,

Yet there is no need to judge or vilify,

As a new tune is emerging, most beautiful and so benevolent!

Yes, we all get the opportunity to co-create a new song,

And playing a crucial part of bringing it into being,

Which is both self-empowering and quite freeing,

As the fabric of our society renews and becomes coherent and strong.

The magic about music is that it knows no borders,

Cognition beyond the mind, as it is felt,

With a sense of belonging and being held,

It speaks its own universal language and gives no orders!

Our awareness shifts and expands,

Differences and discord disappear into thin air,

And we are able to swing, rock, and move with much flair,

As sound creates flow and takes us to mysterious unknown lands!

It can be heard and enjoyed across the spheres,

And is not at all influenced by any notions,

that bring about separation or reactive emotions,

It gently breaks down all kinds of barriers on many frontiers!

The ecstasy and joy sound and music brings, gives us wings,

And takes us into a space where we can relax and let go,

So we can come back to our true nature and into flow,

Which nourishes and delights our inner heartstrings!

In such an incredibly harmonious and creative space,

We can experiment with living and conducting in new ways,

Where each human instrument in the symphony called life get to amaze,

and play and sing their songs freely with ease and grace!

Leadership is ready for re-invention,

Yet we do not have to start from scratch,

Neither is it a competition or match,

We can harness and direct the creative tension!

The ancient seafarers have much wisdom to share,

We explore their intelligence in this podcast here in more detail,

It will set the tone, as together we sail,

Into the distant horizon to explore with much zest and flair!

Thank you for taking the time to listen in without a fuss,

The music of the spheres is ready with much mirth,

For a grand symphony to emerge and birth,

Quite a merry motive, which is a plus!

‘When the music changes, so should the dance.’ African Proverb

We live in a fascinating time and in a world where influencers command more attention and have more followers than leaders. Multiple dilemmas face leadership, which can no longer be ignored. The music most definitely changed, yet many still march to outdated mindsets and old ways of leading, doing, thinking, behaving, and working.

Music has the ability to transform human society. Ever been to a live performance or a music show? Strangers embrace each other; jumping with joy! The music becomes a prolific synchronizer and harmonizer. Sound unifies people and all perceived differences dissolve. The vibe is unbelievable! It is exhilarating. It raises the group and collective consciousness; even if only momentarily. A resonance field is co-created by all involved. The lyrics are inspiring, as it catalyzes deep emotions. Just think for a moment of your favorite musician/s, artist/s, and your favorite music and songs.

Music inspired many inventions and discoveries. Einstein is believed to have discovered his theory of relativity by playing the piano and making notes. Music takes us into a flow-state.

People History shares that throughout the years, musical styles have reflected the society of the time and have evolved with changes in the world. Not only does music change with society, it also changes with technological advances as well. Think of how some music like blues and country reflected the hardships faced by many in the 1920 and 1930’s. And how in the 1950’s the beginnings of major social changes in the world gave life to Rock ’n’ Roll, R&B, and traditional pop music.

Jazz, rock and the blues are very different, and all have their roots in another time epoch. So what new genre and tunes want to be played through us at this moment in time? And what is the role of leadership in it all, as it is a reflection of the fabric of society?

What music wants to emerge now?

What will it say about modern day society? Will it be vibrant or melancholic? Will it reflect the wonder of humanity becoming whole at last? Of humanness after nonsensical wars driven by power- and greed hungry disconnected egotistical humans and self-serving leaders? Of abundance after drought and famine? Of equilibrium after human atrocities of many kinds? Of deep connection with each other, our magnificent planet and all her creatures? Will it be fluid or staccato? Will it be a cacophony or the most beautiful melody ever? Will it evoke feelings of beauty, closeness, abundance, and possibility or those of anxiety, fear, lack, and destruction?

What does the music say about us?

What music will enchant us on the airwaves? How will we dance to these new rhythms, tones, and beats? And more importantly, what narratives, lyrics, and rhymes will we give life to? Who will be our muses and bards? How will we approach and respond to the shifts going on within and around us? We are not separate of the music emerging; it tells us so much about ourselves; the next version of ourselves and our organizations, and our experience of life. We are all contributing to the emerging compositions and what an honour is that not? The music of the spheres wishes to express itself through us in each moment.

For any composition or lyric to come into being we need an instrument, a composer, musician, and when applicable a lyricist. To give life to a symphony we need a conductor, musicians, and instruments. We do not make the music alone; it is a co-creation by all participating in creating, sharing, and enjoying the music. It is a multifaceted experience and impacts many lives. It is thus very important to tune into, interpret, make positive meaning of, respond, align, and dance to and move with the emerging music, tones, melodies, and rhythms. Otherwise we will be out of sync.

What dance is called for?

Life is a dance — a wondrous and continuous flow and movement. What will this new dance be like? Who leads, who follows, and who simply dances freely? Who watches and who performs? Dancing alone is not fun.

How can we stay in flow and focused, and foster confidence and trust, while we embrace, play, listen, and dance to the new music? How do we introduce, incorporate, integrate, align, synchronize, and harmonize that which is busy emerging with what is already here? What do we keep, what do we let go off, and what do we harness? How do we cultivate mental dexterity, emotional flexibility, physical agility, and spiritual strength, whilst staying present to what unfolds, orchestrating coherence, and creating a sense of stability? How do we organically move from awareness to embracing to consideration through experimentation to embodying to consciously contributing to and co-creating a new dance and paradigm?

How do we rise above deeply rooted human dynamics that are prevalent during times of turbulence, transition and change? How can we best work with the most positive energy and resources available? How can we create a fertile space for the new to nest, germinate, and sprout? We are born to hold and give life, and to create.

Shall we dance?

Is this new dance emerging one of resonance, flow, creatorship and orchestration rather than leadership?

“A symphony is both richly structured and ever fresh. At every instant there is an interplay between the order of the piece and its unfoldment to the listener.” F David Peat

What Grand Symphony is coming into being? Or will it be a game of musical chairs where you need to sit out, as all the chairs are taken?

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“When the going gets tough, the tough go dancing.” Eugene Robinson



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